Creating and preserving Value since 1982

Mira Commercial Real Estate was borne out of a partnership that was founded in 1982.  Our first foray into real estate began as an owner/user warehouse distributor of baby goods in Miramar.  Several years later we opened up a retail component and acquired and occupied our first building as a retailer.  That business eventually grew into a three store factory direct concept that flourished during the late 80's and early 90's.  In the late 90's, the retail business went online as one of the first eCommerce websites.  It was later sold off and we soon closed down the bricks-and-mortar retail component of our business.  All the while, we were developing industrial tilt-up buildings in Miramar and San Marcos and continued to acquire more industrial buildings throughout Miramar as opportunities presented themselves.  In 2008, we diversified and began acquiring residential properties in Downtown San Diego and Mid-City.  Throughout all of those iterations, we have kept true to our core strategy of building and acquiring low maintenance and functional properties at a competitive price-point.  We continue to manage these assets with the same philosophy.  We are constantly improving and repositioning our properties to create more value and operate them efficiently, economically and equitably to preserve that value.